Meet the ARTIST

Meet the ARTIST

Hi I'm Staci and I run Karma Goodness Designs. I hand design and create each piece with love. I only use the best quality products, surgical stainless steel closures, chains, links. 

I started my business almost a year ago after being diagnosed with an incurable disease (not a topic of discussion). With no where to be able to go and my support system failing, I decided it was finally me time. 

My business name comes from a path I follow in always doing good and to do no harm, because both good and bad come back in 3 fold (Karma Goodness). 

My husband and I are about to become empty nesters, as our son is embarking on a college life starting in fall 24'. Sooo excited for what his future will have in store for him. 

We plan on relocating within the next few years, depending on my health. My team of doctors are here and I will need the same care wherever I go.

I work out of a small office in my home in North Beach, MD and attend craft events and markets almost every weekend. It is my 1 day a week that I get to pretend I'm a normal person, and anyone that comes to my booth, knows nothing about what's going on with me.

It's my time to shine. To the haters and naysayers, watching is the only thing you have left of me ❣️❣️❣️

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